on changefulness

I am writing other things today, but I’m also reading things.  And in light of my longing for a fixed land, I wanted to share this:

“To the extent that mutability and change are problematic, to that extent Christian conceptions of reality have not been fully accepted or understood. After all, change is the story of creation from the first words of the creation account (darkness is broken by light, and then they alternate). At the end of the changes of each day of creation, Yahweh pronounces everything “good.” Change can be, though it is not necessarily, good. Change per se is not a problem in the least, and for Christianity the ceaseless motion of the world is something to celebrate rather than mourn. Or, we can start at the other end: what we love dies, but for the Christian there is also resurrection, restoration, and complete final joy.”
Peter J. Leithart, Deep Comedy

2 thoughts on “on changefulness

    • betweenbluerocks says:

      I’m in constant need of such reminders. Here’s another I read yesterday:

      “To reckon how utterly out of control we are regarding our personal futures is to surrender more contentedly to walking according to the unseen rather than the seen. To see how God blesses even a lackluster obedience is to be emboldened to trust Him more wholeheartedly next time. It is to take up the adventure of a life staked soley on the word of God. Abraham did that when he gave his nephew Lot first dibs on the land, and we see what ensued.
      “Line up your ducks in a row, if you please. But God sees beyond your row, and it will be better in the end, every time, for the person who yields to the still, small voice of Spirit.” –Andree Seu, “Just So Happens,” World 2.25.2012

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