I have a new post brewing, but my mind is too much in a fog tonight to serve it out with proper proportions, to make it strong but not bitter, sweet but not syrupy, to avoid that extra drip of cream which would make it pale and insipid, to choose the proper cup with a handle which will not squeeze your fingers but which will also not fill your hand,  the cup with the proper colors or drawing or inscription on its side,  the cup which will neither chill the beverage nor burn your fingers.  So here’s something until I can serve that one properly.  Not spectacular as poetry, perhaps, but a perspective I’ve found timely.

“I see the stubborn heights,
The bruising rocks, the straining soul.”
“I see the goal!”

“I see the tearing plow,
The crushing drag, the beating rain.”
“I see the grain!”

“I see compressing walls,
And seeing flux, and heats untold.”
“I see the gold!”

“I see the cruel blows,
The chisel sharp, the hammer’s mace.”
“I see My face!”
–Philip Wendell Crannell, “Our view and His”

4 thoughts on “

  1. Thank you. I needed a lesson about God’s perspective this morning….on another note, doesn’t the writer in you hate that when you have a post just lingering beyond the corners of your mind?;-) Mind-boggling how that happens.

    • betweenbluerocks says:

      Meticulousness is a learned habit for me, and helpful usually. But sometimes it can prove a hindrance to timely communication, or to any communication at all. I spend so much time deliberating just how to express a thing, that I finally forget to express it — or the conversation has moved too far beyond my thought for my thought to make any sense.

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