Poems about everything have already been written*

And there is nothing new
under the sun which saw
Solomon fail to find
anything fresh.
Yet even he
wrote books to say
what had been said before.

I am not the first
to seal my life in cardboard
and give a loved place
one last look, to never
see it quite that way
again. The queen
of Sheba, even, could not
return to her land

There is no remembrance of former things
except what has been written,
Nor will there be any
remembrance of later things;
yet we write
to be among those who come after.


*Italicized portions from the first chapter of Ecclesiastes.

(And no, I’m not moving now.  Just rereading Ecclesiastes, and wanting to post something here, and remembering this poem, © Stacy Nott, 2007)

4 thoughts on “Poems about everything have already been written*

    • betweenbluerocks says:

      Going back — yes, there’s hope and hope and hope again. And sometimes I have gone back, but I find it’s never quite the same me, never back to quite the same place. So that sometimes the hope seems easier than the fulfillment. Not better, necessarily, but easier.

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