Thick morning fog over the pond, and the sunlight streaming down through it, the way God’s voice is always shown in children’s Bible stories.

We began to learn a Christmas song in children’s choir, and I explained that a Mediator is not a meteor.  And I was struck with the thought of our Mediator, who descended “down from the regions of glory,” as our song says.

One boy had the hiccups, and I interrupted a song to try to startle them out of him.  It didn’t work, but I had six children on the floor giggling their surprise, and sometimes laughing together seems as important as singing together.

Is it more important, sometimes?  To be not only the teacher in the front of the room, who tells them to stop laughing and to sing, but to be also the teacher sitting in their midst, showing them that laughing and singing go together?

Isn’t that one of the reasons that the Mediator descended from the regions of glory?  So that we need not know Him as only the shaft-of-light voice delivering mandates through a fog, but also as Person in our midst, showing us that the mandates and abundant life go together?

The Word — the light-voice — became flesh — a person — and dwelt among us — not in front of us, but surrounded by us — and we beheld His glory …

Grace upon grace.*

*Italicized portions from John 1:14-16

One thought on “descending

  1. Eastman says:

    Holy Cow, Stacy. I love that the nature moment and the teaching moment combined and got even better with a GOD moment

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