Dust rising and an earth-scent in the air above a field where two tractors ploughed at sunset.

Violent ripping of green husks to reveal perfect golden kernels beneath.

Tiny children holding hands and jumping up and down, unprompted, while I tried to lead them in a song.

Light shining through a white-fabric lampshade.

A room and closet newly clean.

Unnecessary remnants of a first year of graduate school no longer piled on and beside my desk.

Five boys laughing around the kitchen bar.

Mendelssohn and Chopin rediscovered on a pale blue evening.

Weeds pulled, soil raked, pine-straw spread, and a blister on my thumb.


Shadows on the driveway; respite on the way back from getting the mail.

Time to sit and think of words and not feel as though there is need to be doing anything else.


©2011 by Stacy Nott

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