about staying

Reading a journal from six years ago to remember what it was like not wanting to come to this place in which I’ve just been thrilled to learn I may stay.  I was hoping to find some passage to show how radically my feelings have changed in the past six years, but found this instead, which reminds that the most important things are just as they always have been:

July 10, 2005
But you, O God.  You will not remain behind when we go.  Your goodness is from eternity to eternity.  You are never more or less good.  You have been good to me this weekend from the foundation of the world.  You have been good to me tomorrow before time began.  You are good to me yesterday and last year beyond the end of time.  You give me life before my birth, and give life at the day of my death.  You receive my poor praise now and are worshiped by me beyond time’s end, where You
are with me now and where I shall be with You eternally.  All the muddled strings of my life are already plain for You.  In You, I am already perfect and complete, lacking in nothing, though I myself have not gotten there yet …

I’d like to write more tonight — details of goodness tasted and seen round about me recently — but it’s late, and among the goodnesses of this good God is the sleep which He gives to His beloved.  I, possessing nothing but what He has given, accept this gift also, and am grateful.


©2011 by Stacy Nott

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