My voice you didn’t know, you didn’t know.
I called; you had to go, you had to go
Back to your little world,
Where nothing is strange.

You set out on your own, on your own.
You said, I’m heading home, heading home.
Back to the life you know,
Neatly arranged.

I have done for you
Everything, My love;
Hear My song for you;
I will not hold My tongue.

It’s dark; you’re getting cold, getting cold.
You try to keep warm, but you’re alone, you’re alone;
The dark streets are empty now, and the wind starts to blow.

I have done for you
Everything, My love;
Hear My song for you;
I will not hold My tongue.
Open your heart, open your heart,
For I have loved you from the start.
I will never harm you, come, My love …
-Jenny and Tyler, “Song for You”

Having seen their names floating around on blogs and facebook lately, I took advantage of their free download event to get Jenny & Tyler‘s new album Faint Not.  I can’t speak for the whole album yet, not having given it the right sort of listen.  But this song, the first on the album, caught me immediately. 

Because that “little world, where nothing is strange” is exactly where I try to live.  In my mind, it is “neatly arranged,” and isn’t that a good thing, weren’t we all taught the virtues of keeping a clean room?  And haven’t we all heard also of the virtues of being satisfied with a small world: Content to fill a little space, if Thou be glorified? And so my retreats from all that frightens me, back into my safe little world, into the careful order inside my head — retreats into virtue, right?

And it makes me angry to have my retreats headed off, to be dragged other ways, or to return, only to find the order disrupted, a sheltering wall knocked down.  This is my place of virtue; why do You destroy it? And He who loves me, who gave me the “little world” to begin with, and who takes it away that He may be the shelter, inquires, gently, “Do you do well to be angry?” (We know how foolish Jonah sounded saying “Yes.”)

And when it is Love which took away the “little world,” Love which destroyed the neat arrangement, Love which calls you to come and be comforted … you run to Him, and He becomes your safe place.

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