“… Our intellect must be sanctified by being slain and replaced by the mind of Christ.  The only remedy for bad thoughts is to stop thinking all our own thoughts, to be spiritually decapitated, and to be delivered from the natural mind as well as the natural heart…”
-A. B. Simpson, Springs in the Valley

It seems extreme, doesn’t it?  We who are schooled in our Western Enlightenment traditions, who,  with Descartes,  think; therefore, we are. What happens to the “us-ness” of us, if the very thoughts by which we define that “us-ness” must be slain?  And we’ve been taught the importance of our individuality: be yourself; no one else can be you; you are special because you are yourself and no one else.  Even if we think that sounds a bit cheesy, still, there’s that question: if we’re all busy cutting off our metaphorical heads and replacing them with Christ’s, won’t it become a boring world?

Oh yes, scripture supports the idea.  We know about cutting off and plucking out the offending hand or eye; we know about putting to death the things of the flesh, about being a new creation in Christ, about being transformed by the renewing of our minds … but, even with all that knowledge, still, there is a part of me that simply and stubbornly doesn’t want to die. 

And there is a part of me that is afraid that when I write all this here, when I say that I’ve asked, even for the want-to, that you will simply write me off as crazy, that you’ll think this Christianity stuff has, well, gotten to my head.  But Christ smiles and bids me take courage; for if He is to have my mind, He must “get to my head;” and if others see it, that means there is progress.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Yes Lord–decapitate me, myself and I!! That’s an encouraging word for sure; thank you JESUS and thank you for sharing that which was laid on your heart to write.

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