known; not known; nearly known

*Long ribbons of ducks stream eastward in the mornings.  I did not know, before, that ducks might travel east by the hundreds on any February morning.  In the evening, do they return west, following the sun from its rising to its setting, and then hastening back to the place where it arises?

*A semi truck passed me.  It was laden with metal tanks labeled “LIVE” and “FISH.”  I had never thought about how fish might travel along roads as well as along rivers.

*I caught just the impression of an owl landing and perching on a fence post as I turned into the driveway.  When I got my headlights full on it, it was gone, but the empty air above the post held the thrill of recent wings.

*Many, many thoughts.  On literature, and labels, and loving.  Later, maybe, I will post some of those here, too.

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