observations from behind things at a wedding

Perhaps the pianist has not the best perspective on a wedding.  Although, if the prospect of nine dark-suited backs is your preference when attending weddings, her seat is best of all.   The wall of groomsmen notwithstanding, the pianist very much enjoyed the wedding yesterday.    Lovely it was, and celebratory, and worshipful.   And, whatever she may say about the view from the piano bench, do not be fooled.   The pianist was extremely glad to have had a part to — quite literally — play, in the occasion. 

Also, I have discovered this: the back of the punch table is the ideal position from which to take in a wedding reception.   In that stronghold, all of the awkwardness of milling about, balancing plate and  cup, and selecting individuals with whom to admire the table decorations is bypassed.  Everyone comes to you, and, far from being anti-social and hiding in some corner, you are obviously participating in a necessary way and can serve out smiles as freely as you serve out the punch.   When you are behind the punch table, you may exchange pleasantries with strangers without fear, you may talk to friends betweenwhiles, and you may observe what is happening in the whole room without being merely an observer.   Splendid, and perfectly suited to my style of socialization.   (That style being the style which, rather than going directly to find people, goes instead to places where people are likely to pass and find her.)

In case you have not comprehended it from the above paragraphs, let me say here quite plainly: I spent a very pleasant morning on the day before this one.  And I am glad.

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