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  1. pursuingthreshold says:

    I respectfully disagree….(which is according to my tendancy)

    Sovereign= Truth

    One could submit that to exist as a personality that isn’t God is inherently an opinion…..

    maybe, I’m just throwing it out there

  2. betweenbluerocks says:

    Hmmm … I’m not sure what to think of that. I do know this, though: I do not intend the statement to mean that opinions are wrong, or completely worthless. Only that, unless you are sovereign, you’re likes and dislikes don’t carry that much weight. Reverend Greene spoke in the context of being missional people, making the point that as Christians, we have no choice but to be missional; when God chose us to be His, He chose us to be His representatives. And that’s what we are, whether we wanted the job or not.

  3. Derrick says:

    I think one thing to note is that “opinion,” in a strict sense, does not connote, but denotes, a lack of certainty on the part of the opiner. An opinion is a statement of one’s subjective observations, an idea or notion that most likely will mostly dissolve in the face of truth.
    God does not opine, because God knows. In the strictest sense, God CANNOT opine, because opinion is inherently fallible and God is not fallible.
    But God is the only one worthy of objecting to His own decrees, thanks to His sovereignty, so the only one who has a right to an opinion about them.

  4. pursuingthreshold says:

    derrick sort of outlined my point about Sovereign=Truth

    I definitely agree with the idea of every christian having a direct purpose in spreading the gospel….or being “missional”…though it seems to have become a buzz word of late. I

    But I believe that I would say that we, in our current state as humans, are always living through our opinions and perspective; but as christians, with the Holy Spirit, are not completely limited by them. One must do in a single moment what they believe is right….with the leading of the Holy Spirit and the wisdom of others and study.

    So our opinions are important, whether right or wrong, by there mere part they play in our lives. The suggestion that they can be dismissed is a pleasant delusion. Our desires are either given, changed or sacrificed. Each one of those is very important for growing near to the Father.

    I feel that i possibly gone beyond what was said in the small statement for the sake of discussing the subject. And I’m glad you have a pleasant perspective of disagreements…iron must sharpen iron. And it lends something to talk about.

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