Well, here I am at home, a college graduate.  Green and gold tassel swinging from the rear-view mirror in my Honda, honors cords and mortar board stowed in the chest at the foot of my bed, various important certificates stacked on a shelf in my closet.   So much for college, eh?  Easily closed and put away, like the anthologies of literature on my book shelves?  But I didn’t put the literature away when I closed the anthologies.  And that tassel now goes where I go, and maybe obstructs my view of the road sometimes.   Never mind, I’m not over-eager for the road just now …

I tried on several different metaphors of my own, but Reuben Land, Leif Enger’s narrator for his novel Peace Like a River, says it pretty well:
Just like us, the Israelites hadn’t any idea where they’d end up! Just like us, they were travelling by faith!  Indeed, it did impart a thrill, yet the trip thus far, in the frigid and torpid Plymouth, had reminded me what a hard time the chosen people actually had of it.  Once travelling, it’s remarkable how quickly faith erodes.  It starts to look like something else – ignorance, for example.   Same thing happened to the Israelites.  Sure it’s weak, but sometimes you’d rather just have a map.

And yet, foolish little one, the Lord is your Shepherd.  It is not the task of a sheep to study maps.  Be still.

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  1. All very true. But also, at the same time, shouldn’t I be making plans and preparing and looking for opportunities? It is really hard for me to reconcile these two ideas.

  2. betweenbluerocks says:

    Yeah … I think my point is mostly that a map gives you, sort of, an omniscient view of things. You can see the end from the beginning, see all of the turnings in the road. Whereas, my plan-making doesn’t have this perspective; my plans are not infallible; and the Lord directing my steps often proves different from the plan my mind has made.

  3. noteworthy says:

    I think the important thing is that you found your green and gold tassel. And now you follow it everywhere you go. It is never out of your sight…unless you are looking at the road….

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